About us


We are a florist offering several services like : 
  • An online shop
    • Plants + flowers + frame and moss + dried flowers + planters + supplies + advices 
  • A studio boutique in the Mile End
    • Potting bar + special creations
  • A book in the form of a guide on plants
  • Online classes for beginners (soon)

The numerous benefits of plants and flowers such as improving the quality of the air, the noticeable positive effect on the well-being of people as well as the creation of pleasant and beautiful environments are the main reasons behind our work.
More than anything, we want people to reappropriate their own living and working spaces. Our mission is to create environments where people can feel the presence of plants and flowers and in which plants are happy and can flourish and grow as well as the people who live there do. We make all this happen through an online store, a studio boutique in the Mile End and a book available in bookstores. 

The team :

William - Co-founder and general manager 

Étienne - Co-founder and financial director

Dominic - Creative gardener and floral designer



With Plantzy, live your interior.