About us

Plantzy - agence végétale 

Plantzy is dedicated to plants and flowers through different expressions and elements.

The numerous benefits of plants such as improving the quality of the air, the noticeable positive effect on the well-being of people as well as the creation of pleasant and beautiful environments are the main reasons behind our work.

Our approach combines the style and identity of the person or organization with plants and flowers; we create arrangements that fit harmonically with work and living environments. We aim to improve the intimate experience between people and the spaces surrounding them daily. Our ambition is to ensure a blissful and symbiotic cohabitation between the plants and the people!

Our divisions, Bloomzy and Frame and Moss allow us to use more resources and materials in total uniformity. We can thus associate within the same projects plants, flowers and moss. Each component highlights the other, all complementing wonderfully the agency’s green universe.

We are a complementary team of creative and passionate people placing the relationship between plants and their environment at the center of our work. We respect plants by seeking the perfect balance between design desires and the plant needs.

More than anything, we want people to reappropriate their own living and working spaces. Our mission is to create environments where people can feel the presence of plants and in which plants are happy and can flourish and grow as well as the people who live there do. We make all this happen through an online store, creative workshops, thematic events and corporate services.

With Plantzy, live your interior.